Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolutions!

It's hard for me to say I make resolutions, when they typically only last a few days/weeks.  But here here we go...
1.) Same as last year....More Flossing.  (why is this so hard to remember)
2.) Same as 2010...finish painting the house! (Only one room to go!)
3.) Send more Thank you/thinking of you cards! (everyone likes getting things in the mail)
4.) Pay down at least 50% of debt...while trying to help pay for a wedding.  (This should be interesting-I like to shop way too much)
5.) Make sure Kyle knows how much I appreciate him everyday!  (awww, I had to throw a gushy one in the mix!)

There's much more I need to accomplish, but I'm going to start here, for now!  I wish you all the best of luck on your Resolutions. I hope you do much better than me...

Surviving the holidays...

Well, the holidays came and they went and with them came the delicious food (and alcohol)!  I'll have to say, I think I did way better this year eating than I have in previous years!  I made sure I enjoyed what I wanted, but with portion control.  In the end, I only came out 2 pounds heavier...and I'll take it!  But now it's time to re-focus on the wedding and conquering my goals! 

Tonight, I will restart my Boot Camp Workouts. With all the New Years Resolution people in the gym, I have decided to "Freeze" my gym membership for Jan, Feb, and possibly March.  Around this time, the gym gets bombarded with people, especially during the peak times.  Hoping to shed the pounds for their Resolutions.  If you are a regular gym goer, it's frustrating, because now you have to actually wait your turn for the machines.  But, it starts dwindling the end of Feb/beginning of March, this is when they leave for Spring Break, and usually do not return!  That's when I'll re-join the gym! Until then, Boot Camp only will have to do!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moving in...

So, Kyle and I decided to live together, before we are married (Gasp!).  I know there is a big debate about this and people have different opinions, but I don't really see any harm in it.  We're already engaged, it helps us save our money, and it's very helpful to see how we can deal with difficult situations.  (Plus-I'm in my Thirties...I don't think it's a secret anymore). 

Before Kyle moved in, I had lived by myself since the fall of 2006, about 5 years.  So, you can probably see, it was quite an adjustment for me.  I had all the closets, dressers, and bathroom space.  And, prior to buying my house (in 2008), I had moved just about every year, so I never really unpacked some of the boxes, and they had been sitting in my house, in the same box ever since....until Kyle.  

Round one: The Basement
Kyle made me go through all my old boxes filled with High school and College "crap".  He helped me get rid of tons of items.  I felt a little like a hoarder! Kyle would ask "How long has it been since you seen this" "about 5 years or more, not sure"...Kyle "Have you thought about it or use it since" "nope".  "Then why keep it, it will just continue to sit in a box."  And it's true.  I had old broken picture frames, a dried "rock fountain" (yea, everyone had one of those in their dorm room), etc...  Boxes condensed down to 2...about 11 bags gone to goodwill.  

Round Two: The Bathroom
In the bathroom, I have 2 sinks and cabinet space under each sink.  I had old lotions/fingernails polish/etc...that had been there since I moved in (3 years).  And I use to think...I'll use that again.'s been there 3 plus years already.  Never once do you think to throw it away.  But when you need more space, it's time for them to go...and why would I keep them in the first place.  You stop using something...throw it away.  Don't keep the last 2 drops...that you will never use! 

Round Three: The Bedroom/Closet
Pre-Kyle, I had the entire "walk-in" closet and both dressers!  Again, I had old clothes, which I thought, I will wear this again.  It's still in style...right!?!  Wrong again, my rule was if I haven't worn it in the past 1-3 years...throw it out.  I will never where it again, and I will probably replace it with something new, anyway.  I condensed my closet down to only one and half sides (still working on throwing out those dang sweaters) and I only have one and half dresser.  Bags and Bags of clothes going to Goodwill. 

Round Four: The Garage
Now, Kyle surprised me with this one. He couldn't take the garage being clustered anymore.  So, one day while I was at work.  Kyle organized and cleaned the garage.  Again, made me go through old boxes, I hadn't looked in in years.  Today, our garage looks great. 

So, as you can see, I have done a lot of cleaning and changing.  I feel great about my decisions. I do not need to keep items stored away, that I will never use or wear again. You never realize how much "crap" you have!!  I challenge you to take a look at your closets and maybe do a little decluttering.  You'll be glad that you did...

Next up...the spare bedroom, kitchen and tackling those dang sweaters in the closet!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa 5K Hustle -Dec. 17th

On Saturday, I ran my second 5K race.  It was called the Santa 5K Hustle, located downtown Indianapolis, in White River State Park. I found out about this race when I received a Groupon for 1/2 price. :) So, I had to do it, right! Three others ran with me: Alicia Adcock, Evonne Hammel and Jessica Andrews!  We all had to wear Santa hats, beards, and shirts!  It was very festive and fun!  There are around 2,000 people participating in the race. 
We ran around the White River, which was kind of dirty!  So, there was not much to look at during the run.  But, I was excited that it decided to snow, as soon as we started!  What a nice surprise!

Along the race they had different stations to stop at:
Mile One: Cookie Station
Mile Two: M&M Station

My music choice for the Race was Christmas tunes!  As the race started, "It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas" was ringing in my ears.  Very appropriate. And made me dart out like a rabbit.  But I began to slow towards the end.  I have a problem with starting out too fast, then losing steam towards the end of the race.  This is something I will need to work on in future races.
My average mile time was 9.47 min.  I placed 444th out of 1,478 timed and 29th out of 143 in my age bracket (ages: 30-34).  Overall, I am satisfied with these results! And I beat my previous race time. 

The picture to the left is a view of all the Santa lined up at the start line, in front of the NCAA building.  Overall, it was a very fun experience.  I would do it again next year.  Maybe we can get a larger group of Santa's to run with us!  :-)

Monday, December 5, 2011

8 more months to go...

We've got a lot done so far, and I think I am ahead of schedule.  Here's our successes so far:
1. Venue (Aunt/Uncle's house in Spokane)
2. Photographer (Billy and Sharon)
3. Minister (Uncle Dale)
4. DJ (Juicy Johnny)
5. Wedding dress
6. Deposit on Caterer (and cake)
7. Rental company
8. Colors
9. Save the Dates Ordered
10. Wedding website, almost complete.

My biggest concern: Florist and Centerpieces.

2 months of Bootcamp

So, I have been lazy and I have not been posting on my blog.  So, here is my 2 month update.

I have been going to Boot Camp, 3 times a week, for about 2 months.  (but, I did take about a week and a half off in Nov. for vacation and Thanksgiving).  I really, really enjoy going to boot camp.  I like that it is a different routine each day.  Always a new challenge! 

Here's, my new stats:
Weight: Avg-127.5  (low: 126.5 high: 129.5-it fluctuates daily)
Pant size: 0/2/4 (mostly 2's, but I am back into my zeros)

For the first month, I was really good about my diet.  In order to stay on my diet, I had to plan my week in advance. Cut fruit/veggies on Sunday, make up snack bags for easy snacking. And like I said, I was good for about a month.  Then temptation and boredom rolled in.  I was getting tired of eating carrots, chicken, turkey roll-ups, etc... So, I let myself cheat more and more, and now, I'm not really on a diet.  I just try to eat smaller portions, drink lots of water, and no pop. 
My new plan! I have 8 months until the wedding.  I'm going to do my best at working out (3-4 times a week) and eating reasonably, but not limiting myself.  Then, in the Spring, around April, really kick the diet into high gear! 

Photo shows a slow progression.  This photo was taken on Dec. 3rd, 2 months after the first photo. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day One: Bootcamp and the Dreaded Diet...

I've always wanted to join a boot camp class, but the price just wasn't for me.  Until the other day, there was a Groupon for one month unlimited bootcamp classes for only $29.  So, with our upcoming girls trip, I thought this would be the perfect time to check it out.  Also, our wedding is in 10 months, so if I like it, I will sign up again in the Spring, and attend classes for about 3 months.

Today, Oct. 3rd, marks the official first day of Bootcamp and diet.  I am usually horrible at diets, so Kyle said he would go on the diet with me.  I think this will be a struggle for both of us. 

Why am I attending a bootcamp: Tone and I would like to lose 5-6 pounds.  Major focus areas abs and arms.

Day One Stats:
Weight: 131.5
Pant size: 2/4 (mostly 4's)

I will be keep a daily food journal with the "Lose it" app on my iPhone.  I really like tracking my progress. 

I know there are going to be lots of temptations: Company Picnic, trip to Chatanooga, Pumkin Ale and lattes, weiner roasts, Abigail's Wedding, etc...  I will need a lot of self control.  I love to eat and try new things.  So, this will be quite a struggle for me.

So here we go, Day One.  Today is a no-carb day.  Lots of water and eating every 2-3 hours is key.  I'll check back in later to let you know how my first class went!  The classes are held outside, and today is a gorgeous 70 degree fall day!  Looking forward to it!

Wish me luck...