Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolutions!

It's hard for me to say I make resolutions, when they typically only last a few days/weeks.  But here here we go...
1.) Same as last year....More Flossing.  (why is this so hard to remember)
2.) Same as 2010...finish painting the house! (Only one room to go!)
3.) Send more Thank you/thinking of you cards! (everyone likes getting things in the mail)
4.) Pay down at least 50% of debt...while trying to help pay for a wedding.  (This should be interesting-I like to shop way too much)
5.) Make sure Kyle knows how much I appreciate him everyday!  (awww, I had to throw a gushy one in the mix!)

There's much more I need to accomplish, but I'm going to start here, for now!  I wish you all the best of luck on your Resolutions. I hope you do much better than me...

Surviving the holidays...

Well, the holidays came and they went and with them came the delicious food (and alcohol)!  I'll have to say, I think I did way better this year eating than I have in previous years!  I made sure I enjoyed what I wanted, but with portion control.  In the end, I only came out 2 pounds heavier...and I'll take it!  But now it's time to re-focus on the wedding and conquering my goals! 

Tonight, I will restart my Boot Camp Workouts. With all the New Years Resolution people in the gym, I have decided to "Freeze" my gym membership for Jan, Feb, and possibly March.  Around this time, the gym gets bombarded with people, especially during the peak times.  Hoping to shed the pounds for their Resolutions.  If you are a regular gym goer, it's frustrating, because now you have to actually wait your turn for the machines.  But, it starts dwindling the end of Feb/beginning of March, this is when they leave for Spring Break, and usually do not return!  That's when I'll re-join the gym! Until then, Boot Camp only will have to do!