Monday, October 3, 2011

Day One: Bootcamp and the Dreaded Diet...

I've always wanted to join a boot camp class, but the price just wasn't for me.  Until the other day, there was a Groupon for one month unlimited bootcamp classes for only $29.  So, with our upcoming girls trip, I thought this would be the perfect time to check it out.  Also, our wedding is in 10 months, so if I like it, I will sign up again in the Spring, and attend classes for about 3 months.

Today, Oct. 3rd, marks the official first day of Bootcamp and diet.  I am usually horrible at diets, so Kyle said he would go on the diet with me.  I think this will be a struggle for both of us. 

Why am I attending a bootcamp: Tone and I would like to lose 5-6 pounds.  Major focus areas abs and arms.

Day One Stats:
Weight: 131.5
Pant size: 2/4 (mostly 4's)

I will be keep a daily food journal with the "Lose it" app on my iPhone.  I really like tracking my progress. 

I know there are going to be lots of temptations: Company Picnic, trip to Chatanooga, Pumkin Ale and lattes, weiner roasts, Abigail's Wedding, etc...  I will need a lot of self control.  I love to eat and try new things.  So, this will be quite a struggle for me.

So here we go, Day One.  Today is a no-carb day.  Lots of water and eating every 2-3 hours is key.  I'll check back in later to let you know how my first class went!  The classes are held outside, and today is a gorgeous 70 degree fall day!  Looking forward to it!

Wish me luck...

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