Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moving in...

So, Kyle and I decided to live together, before we are married (Gasp!).  I know there is a big debate about this and people have different opinions, but I don't really see any harm in it.  We're already engaged, it helps us save our money, and it's very helpful to see how we can deal with difficult situations.  (Plus-I'm in my Thirties...I don't think it's a secret anymore). 

Before Kyle moved in, I had lived by myself since the fall of 2006, about 5 years.  So, you can probably see, it was quite an adjustment for me.  I had all the closets, dressers, and bathroom space.  And, prior to buying my house (in 2008), I had moved just about every year, so I never really unpacked some of the boxes, and they had been sitting in my house, in the same box ever since....until Kyle.  

Round one: The Basement
Kyle made me go through all my old boxes filled with High school and College "crap".  He helped me get rid of tons of items.  I felt a little like a hoarder! Kyle would ask "How long has it been since you seen this"....me "about 5 years or more, not sure"...Kyle "Have you thought about it or use it since"...me "nope".  "Then why keep it, it will just continue to sit in a box."  And it's true.  I had old broken picture frames, a dried "rock fountain" (yea, everyone had one of those in their dorm room), etc...  Boxes condensed down to 2...about 11 bags gone to goodwill.  

Round Two: The Bathroom
In the bathroom, I have 2 sinks and cabinet space under each sink.  I had old lotions/fingernails polish/etc...that had been there since I moved in (3 years).  And I use to think...I'll use that again.  Wrong...it's been there 3 plus years already.  Never once do you think to throw it away.  But when you need more space, it's time for them to go...and why would I keep them in the first place.  You stop using something...throw it away.  Don't keep the last 2 drops...that you will never use! 

Round Three: The Bedroom/Closet
Pre-Kyle, I had the entire "walk-in" closet and both dressers!  Again, I had old clothes, which I thought, I will wear this again.  It's still in style...right!?!  Wrong again, my rule was if I haven't worn it in the past 1-3 years...throw it out.  I will never where it again, and I will probably replace it with something new, anyway.  I condensed my closet down to only one and half sides (still working on throwing out those dang sweaters) and I only have one and half dresser.  Bags and Bags of clothes going to Goodwill. 

Round Four: The Garage
Now, Kyle surprised me with this one. He couldn't take the garage being clustered anymore.  So, one day while I was at work.  Kyle organized and cleaned the garage.  Again, made me go through old boxes, I hadn't looked in in years.  Today, our garage looks great. 

So, as you can see, I have done a lot of cleaning and changing.  I feel great about my decisions. I do not need to keep items stored away, that I will never use or wear again. You never realize how much "crap" you have!!  I challenge you to take a look at your closets and maybe do a little decluttering.  You'll be glad that you did...

Next up...the spare bedroom, kitchen and tackling those dang sweaters in the closet!


  1. Wow! What a lot of work! But it sounds like the two of you make an excellent team:) Enjoy your newly organized house!

  2. I love the top photo on this blog post. It looks like you just informed Kyle he's marrying you. :-D